Monday, March 31, 2008

Blackheart’s Endless March

Well, it’s the last day of March, and that means the last day for my two other blogs, at least for a while. This one marches on.

Last night I hung out at Ema’s place, and he gave me some ideas for next month, which I’ll list. I’m not really going to take votes or anything, since I seem to have an average of about 5.5 readers right now, but your comments are welcome. If there’s enough interest on one particular blog idea, I’ll do that for a month, otherwise, I’ll just plug a piece or two from each idea into this blog for the coming month.

Yin and Yang – There is balance in the universe. For every one thing about this world that pisses me off and makes me wanna go primal, there’s one really cool thing that makes up for it. For example: Halitosis is a horrible smelly disease which leaves sufferers with almost no social life. I certainly don’t want to talk directly to them, though if we’re separated by two inches of thick glass I’m pretty down with it. To restore balance to the universe – dentures. Just think of all the cool places you can leave your false chompers for comedic effect. In a jar by the door, on top of your cat’s head, around your neck, floating in the toilet. And guys, don’t be discusted by the toothless ladies. Think about what that woman could do for (to) you. Think about it. I won’t lie; it’s putting a grin on my face. This is a blog about balance in the universe

80’s Crap – It’s no secret that my house is completely full of old crap. On top of my monitor right now are a pair of Battle Beasts. You remember those? The two on my computer are the lion and the tiger, or beasts #1 and #3, respectively. Everybody’s got a number.

Sequels – In this one, I come up with sequels to movies that have no business having sequels, or some film that died in obscurity that I feel really deserves one, or frankly even one that should have been made. Or Crossovers. Batman vs. The Terminator. That’d be pretty sweet.

What ever became of _____? – There are so many instances in the media of really great ideas that simply died because of a lack of marketability, but things that were cool nonetheless. This might be along the same lines as 80’s crap. Who remembers Inhumanoids? Who doesn’t love to dwell on something that’s obscure, meaningless, and pretty cool to an 8-year-old mind?

A Daily Roast with the Ghost – There are so many people I’d love to just rip into, like one particular aunt I have, or my favorite president who’s named after a part of female anatomy.

My one solid goal for April is to write my fantasy short stories. Even though I still feel I don’t know enough about them, seriously, when am I going to know enough about them until I actually get started? Par for the month is 50,000 words of story. It doesn’t matter which story I work on, but one of them must be done by the end of next month. That’s the goal. I’ll be keeping a daily word count to log my progress. My fantasy short stories, which are likely to evolve or change in the month ahead, will now be listed here in no particular order.

No, no wait. Tomorrow. I’ll save that for tomorrow. See you all in April.


neighbourhood pervert said...

I'm still waiting on erotica. And I don't mean that tasteless romance garbage, where they look into each other's eyes and cry softly as they slowly fuck each other. I mean the tasteless vivid shit that makes you drip sweat and not shower.

Inkpot said...

Good luck with writing 50K in April. A difficult but totally doable task. Why are you giving up your other blogs? I think it is a shame, but I understand how much time and effort is expended in multiple blogging. My favourite theme for April, out of the ones on offer, is the sequels (or the idea of blending genres). I want to see that terminator batman cross over. :)

ema nymton said...

I'm a big fan of the Yin-Yang idea, myself. Not only does it have great potential, but I don't think it's ever been done before.