Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Next Month

It occurs to me every day while writing my film reviews just how bored I am with myself while I write them. Yesterday, I reviewed Dan in Real Life, a story about an advice columnist, and it occurred to me that I’d much rather write a second article in my advice column each day that write a single film review. It’s great, every day I have a brand new problem, and I come up with a brand new solution.

With the film reviews, I tend to either like or dislike the movies for the same reasons. After under a month, I’m already finding it tedious. Basically I’m just summing up the plot and giving my opinion.

Anyway, next month rapidly approaches, so I’m considering my new blogging routine. I’m sticking with the daily Ghost/Writer, and I want to take on one new project for next month, so I figured I’d ask you my readers (all three of you!) what you think.

Here are some of my ideas. Feel free to second them or make suggestions of your own.

A Story a Day – What constitutes a story? A story is about a character, and has a beginning, middle, and end. The end should signify some sort of change or revelation in the main character.

Literary Device of the Day – There are so many great literary devices and story elements, I think it would be a great deal of fun to take about them.

Genre of the Day – Similar to the literary device of the day, but instead I’d talk about what I like about various genres, and maybe some examples. And pictures, if they apply.

Joke of the Day – Where I talk about religion and politics.


Herbert said...

Why not do all of them of the day? One day it could be a tensely erotic story, another day an obscene recanting of a past debauch, and on another day some perverted sexual fantasy that you subscribe too. And put up pictures of your legs!

Malice Blackheart said...

That's one idea. I could favor my whims rather than favoring structure.

Inkpot said...

I like the literary device of the day and the genre of the day (which is a bit like the story for the day?) - why don't you alternate them? Or have the literary device days in April and the story days in May?

Malice Blackheart said...

Incidentally, who here actually reads the other two blogs? Next month I may simply consolidate down to one blog, this one. I’m going to start writing my short stories too, so each day I’ll have a word count. My hopes are that I can have 50,000 written by the end of the month, as I’ve heard it’s possible. I’ve just never done it before.