Friday, March 7, 2008

Religious Rant Numero Dos

Okay, so at 5:00AM today, I go downstairs to make my sister and myself some soup, and what do I spy in today’s paper? Yet another story about some crazy religious fundamentalist who murdered a bunch of unsuspecting, and largely unimportant group of people.

This time it was an Islamic militant with an assault rifle raiding a library, killing whoever he could manage to shoot, finally being gunned down himself by Israeli soldiers. Afterward, a bunch of Palestinians assholes took the streets in celebration, apparently proud of this civilian massacre.

These are the sorts of stories that make me exhausted with the world.

First of all, morality aside, somebody gunning down a bunch of students in a library isn’t a challenge, nor is it much of an accomplishment. It’s not like an assault on a military outpost or a supply line. It’s just plain making families who don’t have any actual power miserable. That’s not strategy, that’s sadism.

From a religious standpoint, this couldn’t possibly be seen as a virtuous act. It causes suffering without any step towards a greater good. How in their right minds, or even wrong religious minds would think that’s what “God” wants?

The only reason left is hatred. It makes me sick how much hatred there is in that part of the world, and the only reason they general populace of Jews and Palestinians hate each other is because their leaders keep telling them to. Some of them claim it’s about land, but small as the country look on the map, I’ve been there, it’s quite big. Others claim it’s about economics, or politics, which I’ll never understand.

This is yet another reason why there clearly isn’t a God, because if there were, He would clearly smite all these belligerent warmongers.

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