Monday, April 14, 2008

Blogs that are Better than Mine #3

Yesterday, Ema shook a finger at me for falling behind on my blog. Sorry Ema. Anyway, you said you were looking for stuff to read online, well, here’s something you might enjoy, being white and all.

Quote of the Day:

“Being white means to engage in a day in, day out struggle to prove that you are smarter than other white people.” – Stuff White People Like

I absolutely love the articles in this sight, because they completely outline exactly why I hate white people so much, which is a great point of tension for me, since I actually am one. The site really captures a lot of my friends, and particularly most of our parents. This is my favorite article:

Basically, white people are pompous, sickeningly positive, filled with a sense of duty (or a meaningless work ethic), overcompensatingly unracist, overeducated, overworked, underpaid, patriotic, and gluttonous drunkards. Of course, this is coming from a pompous, overcompensatingly unracist, (yes, I know those aren’t real words), overeducated, gluttonous white guy, so take it with a grain of salt.

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