Friday, May 16, 2008

#14: Hit a Girl #1

In grade 2, my first year at a new school, I hit a girl in the school yard. I believe that at the time I though she was making fun of me, though in retrospect, she probably wasn’t, because she gave me private tutoring in grade 5 – while the other students were doing regular class work, this girl and I were in a separate room because I was so stupid, or she was so smart, or likelier still, a combination of both. That was actually a pretty fun time, though. We just hung out.

Anyway, back to grade 2. Actually, I’m not sure what’s left to tell. The only thing I remember is standing above her while she was crying and feeling like a complete turd. I did get picked on a lot as a kid, particularly as the new kid in grade 2, but she didn’t deserve that if she was one of them, and she probably wasn’t.

I’d like to thank her for all she did for me, but I haven’t seen her since high school. I don’t know what became of her.

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