Saturday, May 31, 2008

#22 Promised Diary Girl I’d move out to Halifax to be with Her

When I was 21, I met a very attractive, and very sweet girl from the Maritimes. I’m calling her Diary Girl, because one of the many adorable qualities she had was to keep a secret diary. Of course, this diary would come back to haunt her later, when a jealous friend of hers (who also had a crush on me) found it. But that’s another story entirely.

It all started at a party, where we both happened to be, and immediately clicked. At the end of the evening, I asked her if she’d meet me right there at that spot the next morning at 9 a.m. sharp. And so she did. She didn’t think I’d really show, and I didn’t really think she’d be waiting, but there we were, and we spend the day together, and talked about all kinds of things – movies, things in society, or in other people that we loathe – you know, commonalities. We just couldn’t get bored of each other, and after several days, we kissed. On a consequent day, we made love when my parents weren’t home, and finally, on the day she was to leave, she told me about a very dark secret of hers. She told me about something very horrible a man once did to her. He tied her up, raped her, and even tried to kill her, but she escaped.

It was finally time to go, and she was in tears, because we were so crazy about each other, so I promised her I’d come to Halifax to be with her.

After that, we lost touch for awhile, but I vowed to keep her alive in my own heart my making a full-blown movie about what happened to her, except I added ghosts, and cops, and I had three different musical composers (myself included) doing the soundtrack. In fact, it is the making of this film that brought Ema Nymton and I so close together. Good times, huh, Ema?

Anyway, when I had a final edited copy together, after the film screening at the university, I shipped off copies of the film to all the people involved, and of course, a copy I’d set aside for Diary Girl. I finally called her up and asked if she’d got it, and how she was. She told me she cried when she saw it. Nobody had ever put that kind of work into something for her before.

Even a year ago, we were flirting online and she said there’d be a place for me in her life if I came to Halifax, but I still didn’t have my shit together. These days, I see her on facebook periodically. She has a boyfriend now, who actually seems quite friendly and loving, not to mention fashionable and handsome. You lose again, Malice!


Is putting the lotion on his skin. said...

Alright, seriously:
You seem to be in one of those "I'm doing this to get ideas for my art" kind of relationships with your art.
So you're bound to be successful!
Or rotting away in some Turkish prison.
I don't know how happy I would be to have the worst moments of my life turned into a zombie-thon, but I'm glad she saw the love and not the possible social faux pas in it.
Maybe I should email you the darkest parts of my life(with pictures of course!), and you can make us rich!

Malice Blackheart said...

Well, there was one juicy story about you your sister told me while we were dating...

The jackal said...

It's probably mostly lies. I made a habit of leading multiple lives to keep people off my trail...

Malice Blackheart said...

Actually it was really cool. You were doped up on pain killers and you thought you were dead. You thought your sister was an angel, and you told her to say goodbye to your family.