Friday, May 23, 2008

My 3 Girls Friday

I think I’m behind on my list items by a good week, huh? Better get on that…

In other news,

I’ve met a few charming ladies close to my age that I’m interesting in perhaps getting to know better before deciding what to do. Monkey Girl you know.

Then there’s a woman who messaged me randomly through facebook because she recognized my pic from lavalife. She and I have a few friends in common as it turns out. She works at a movie theater, so let’s call her Movie Girl. We are trying to make plans to meet this week-end, but that may not happen because I’ve already agreed to help friends move on Saturday, and I think she’s indisposed on Sunday. Anyway, we’ve been corresponding for a bit and she seems to be able to hold out her end of a conversation.

Last night I went out with a bunch of friends, and one of them, let’s call her Bumblebee, asks me what’s new. So I told her about Movie Girl, whose friend list I knew she was on, but whose name had sort of eluded me for the time being, so I kept trying to guess first names to see if she knew one of them. Finally I got the right one.

“That can’t be right,” says Bumblebee. “She’s a lesbian, isn’t she?”

“I dunno. From her pictures, I guess she dresses like a lesbian…”

Just then another male friend jumps in.

“What’s this about lesbians?”

“Oh, I was just asking…” I stopped. What was her name again?

“Mal, did you just forget my name?”

“No…” I said with shifty eyes, and an inconcealable smile.

“You did, didn’t you! You forgot my name!”

“Maybe. Shut up!”

Oy vey, I’m bad with names. Anyway…

Last night I also met a third girl, let’s call her, uh, Mousy Girl. It’s not a great name, I know, but I only just met her, and though she was sort of cute, so I got her contact info and asked her out, and if I don’t hear back from her, I’m going to forget her.

My first pick is still the one I saw first, Monkey Girl, but to my amazement I’ve been unable to come up with anything at all to say to her. I just keep coming up blank. So the other night I said to Ema:

“Monkey Girl’s online, but I don’t know what to say to her. What should I say?”

“Ask her what her favorite flavor of ice cream is.”

So I did. And I got an immediate reply:


“Uh… lol I don’t know. Just trying to make conversation.”

“Oh, okay. Mint chocolate.”

And we proceeded to talk about ice cream for a bit. Then I felt I needed to ask Ema for more guidance.

“Ask her out for ice cream he says.”

Ah! I thought. That’s where he was going with this. Now I just look stupid. I still haven’t asked her out.

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Inkpot said...

I think you should take the plunge and ask Monkey Girl out. You'll know after one date whether there is anything worth pursuing or not. Mousy Girl and Movie Girl sound intriguing. I'm looking forward to hearing how things progress.