Thursday, June 12, 2008

Career Fairing

I went to a career fair today, and of all the booths available, there were only three I was actually eligible to look at, given my skill set. Sales.

Hang on a second though. Before you jump to any conclusions, one of them sounded quite intriguing – it’s selling art on a cruise ship.

The perks? I don’t pay for rent, or food. I’d probably have to share a room with another guy, but lets face it, there’s worse things. I get to see the world. Well, parts of it, and over and over again, but at least I’d be able to say I’d been there.

I won’t have much of a social life, but then again, I hardly see anyone here at home anyway. And I’d be getting away from my family, which is something I’ve wanted anyway. No more debates with the folks about my joblessness. No more living in a big heap of other people’s junk. No more pointless visits to Grandma Depressia to listen to her complain about things she clearly doesn’t even understand. No more watching Grandma Loopy crap herself and choke on her food – hoping to high hell that this just might be the choke that does her in. No more babysitting the overly energetic rambunctious little rascal that is my cousin. No more mindless catch-up banter with my many other relatives. I would be far away from them all, and they would be far from anything on my mind. And of course, I can never get far enough away from Auntie Flo.

I just have to pass a tox screen and a medical. I will. And I need a passport, which I have. If I’m selected for training, they’ll fly me to the states and pay for my hotel, and if it doesn’t work out, they’ll fly me home. I don’t really think I can lose, and the timing in my life couldn’t be better. I’m still in my twenties, with no girlfriend or mortgage, or let’s face it, any kind of future, and I still haven’t done the whole travel-the-world thing, or worked very much. This is a chance to do both in one shot.


Inkpot said...

Whoo hoo! Sounds like the career fair was a success. The cruise ship job is a win win situation. There will be lots of (older)women to chat up and you'll get lots of copy for your writing. Best of luck Mal! :)

show me the monet said...

Sounds like a sweet gig that would look good on a resume. Where in the States?