Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scenario #2: Prombies!

Dance, Zombies, Dance!

Players: 5 (4 heroes, 1 zombie player)

Turns: 17


  1. Place the school tile and 3 other random tiles around the center of town.
  2. Hero players may only choose characters with the keyword student. Regardless of what their card says, all players start in the school gymnasium.
  3. At the start of the game, the zombie player(s) may place one zombie outside the gym for every student inside, and an additional spawning pit inside the school. For the rest of the game, zombie spawning is automatic.
  4. At the start of the game, each student takes one of the numbered tiles, which they keep face down for the duration of the game. The hero who holds the 1, is the one who summoned the zombies, or the summoner for short.

Special Bonuses and Penalties:

  1. Female players experience a -1 penalty to their movement until they can ditch their awkward high-heeled shoes (at the cost of a move or a search.)
  2. As long as the Prom Queen is wearing her shoes, she gets an extra attack die, and wins on ties. “This is my prom, and I’m taking it back!”

Victory Conditions:

Heroes: Survive until sun-up, and the summoner must be (un)dead, or not in play.

Zombies: Kill 4 students, or keep the summoner alive until sun-up.*

Revealing the Summoner:

When one hero ends his turn on the same square as another hero, that hero may chose to interrogate the other hero. Both heroes lose their next turn, but on their next turn, they both turn their number tiles face up. This action cannot be interrupted by zombie cards.

When a hero dies:

  1. Heroes respawn, but new heroes must draw a new number tile, unless the summoner has already been revealed.
  2. When the summoner dies, his/her true colors are revealed, and he/she always becomes a zombie hero, regardless of where the sun track marker is. The player may now respawn indefinitely as this zombie hero, and draws one zombie card per turn. (Hand limit 2. Card may be kept while zombie character is “dead” but may only be played while he/she is in play on the board.)

*NB: The death of the summoner does not count towards the zombie kill total. Also note that whether the zombie player knows who the summoner is or not, the zombies must still attack the summoner if it is their only option.


It was the night they had all been waiting for. Exams were finished, and the students at Gravecrest High school couldn’t wait to pretty themselves up and go to the prom. Hopefully, tonight would be the night they express their true feelings to that special someone.

However, one particular student’s feelings were trampled when their long-time crush went to the prom with their best friend. So this particular student decided to invite some unsavory and unwelcome guests to make this a night that no one would ever forget as long as they lived, however long or short that might be.


ema nymton said...

Another great scenario. My only suggestion would be to give the summoner some kind of special power to undermine the heroes. Of course, this isn't necessary since part of the heroes' objectives is to reveal the summoner. Anyway, good stuff!

Malice Blackheart said...

You know, there are actually a lot of implied advantages. Frankly, the summoner can just start shooting if they start with a gun, though it would be wise to try this only when alone with another player.