Thursday, June 26, 2008

Started Driver’s Ed

Yesterday, I began what will be a four day course in driving – the theory side of things. I’ve still not even applied for my license yet. Neither has my sister, who’s taking the class with me.

So far I’ve learned that if you speed, or fail to stop at a stop sign on your driving test, you fail. And I’ve learned that insurance is expensive, particularly if you’re male and 17-25 years of age, because you’re part of that “high-risk group. I recall the first time I learned that, 11 years ago now, (my first time through driver’s ed), thinking that was terribly unfair. Why should I pay a high premium for what other stupid guys my age are doing? Then again, 17-25 has come and gone for me, so now it doesn’t really matter. And I was right. It turns out I really wasn’t like those other guys, because I never bothered to graduate to a full license and get my own car. Maybe this time will be different. Only time will tell.

Also, there’s a really cute girl sitting right behind me in class, and I find her a little distracting. I’m tying to work up the courage to say something to her, and I’d rather it be something witty or clever, but it’d probably just come off as awkward or desperate.


Nice airbags said...

Tell her you change gears in the 4500 rpm range, just like all the bad boys.

Malice Blackheart said...