Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Date with Tattoo Girl

Whoops, looks like I let a couple of days slide again, without writing. *Slaps his hand.* “Bad Mal! Bad blogger! Heel!”


Er, anyway, when you last heard from me, I was swooning over the two potentials I met over lavalife, and the impending date on Friday.

I arranged to meet Tattoo in a coffee shop, even though I don’t really like coffee. She showed a little late, but not by much, so not to worry, and she got her coffee, and we were off.

So, as we walked, she asked me if she was what I was expecting. To be quite honest, she was perhaps a bit heavier than I was expecting, but it’s not like she lied about it. Not like another date of mine who shall remain nameless. And none of her tattoos were visible either, not that that’s necessarily a disappointment either. I just figured if she had six of them that I’d at least spot one right away. Now, I know how defensive women can be when it comes to their weight, so I just said nothing about it, and said I recognized her face from her profile pic, so practically speaking, her profile picture fulfilled its function. Her confidence seemed to waiver throughout the night too. I got the feeling she was either nervous, or that she wasn’t having a good time, because on the walk to the sushi place, she kept asking if I was sure I wanted to go. Of course I wanted to go! Why would I not want to have sushi with a cute girl?

When we got there, we got a private little booth downstairs that she reserved. I was quite impressed that she’d put together such great arrangements on such short notice. (Apparently she had a fight with the waitress at the other place we were planning on going to the night before. This is perhaps a warning sign I should have heeded.)

So we had our meal, and talked about religion, of all things, where we really didn’t see eye to eye, but things didn’t get nasty. Oh, and I though this was a little strange – Ema, you’ll think so too, because you know the guy she started talking about. Here’s the stream of conversation: I asked if she watched Lost, and she replied that she didn’t, but was familiar with the geeky figurines they made. I commented that they sold them where I used to work, and after a bit of clarification, she said she didn’t like the manager, and thought he was strange, because get this – he was talking about her behind her back. Yes, Ema, I’m talking about our blond-haired friend and your old boss at the downtown store, whom we frequently see at our games night.

Anyway, needless to say, that was a backfired namedrop.

Then she pulls out a fetish magazine and starts pointing things out to me. Have I got your attention now? Because she certainly had mine. With some of the images, I wasn’t even sure what I was looking at, but that didn’t concern me so much as why she was showing it to me.

“Why are you showing me this?”

“Shh…” she hushed. In fact, on several occasions she hushed me for being too loud, and that people were listening to us, which is possible I suppose, but honestly, I doubted it. Because we weren’t really terribly interesting, and most people are arrogant and preoccupied with their own conversations to eavesdrop on another’s.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say the date was a huge success, but I’d say I learned what I needed to. She’s very nice, but I’m not particularly interested. I got the distinct impression she wasn’t either, but again, maybe she was just nervous. And actually, I feel good about this, because it’ll give me a clearer mind for when I meet with Pagan Girl, whom I have way more in common with anyway. You know, apart from the whole Pagan thing.

Aside from that, the week-end was pretty uneventful. To give you an idea of just how uneventful, on Saturday, I went to Merrickville, where I had geriatric lunch with a whole bunch of family, including mom, dad, grandma Depressia, auntie Flo, and my great aunt and uncle from Tel Aviv. I ate deer meat, and afterwards, we wondered around various mind-numbingly boring knickknack shops, and of all things, a mustard shop. I mean, are you serious? A mustard shop? Old people!


Oh yeah, I carry around fetish mags. said...

She must have been overly nervous or quite possibly "one wave short of a shipwreck" as they say.
Fetish magazines? I can understand showing them off on the first date, but only after potential sexual activity has been hinted at:
"This making out is great, check these magazines out and tell me if there's anything you like. I've put in paper clips on the pages I'm very interested in..."
But I guess this is all part of the weeding out process.
Like I've always said, better now than later.

Inkpot said...

Mmm... fetish magazines, thinking people are listening, constantly asking what you think of her and if you are happy on the date - she sounds paranoid and insecure. It sounds like a very revealing date. I agree with the other commenter, better now than later. It clears the way for Pagan girl. I look forward to finding out how things go with her. Living vicariously is a great thing. :)