Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pagan Girl

So here’s irony for you, the very same day I put out a rant on how much I hate lavalife, I connect with not one, but two really compatible, expressive, and interesting women, who are both interested in me. How do I know they’re interested? Because they actually said so. But let me tell you a bit about them both.

The first one, we’ll call Pagan Girl, because, as you might have inferred, she’s practices Paganism. We’ve been writing back and forth for almost a week now, and it seems we have many, many things in common, including the fact we’re both writers, we love the same movies and TV shows, our families both live her because of the government, and we have our birthdays right around Christmas time, we are both fixated on what happens when we dream. It was yesterday that she laid out her religion for me, and thus we established our first major difference.

I was very nice about it though. (Don’t worry, I’m not stupid, and I’m not just going to go shooting down some woman’s beliefs, particularly if I like her. And I do, very much. This is the first woman I’ve met (though not yet in person) that, if things don’t work out romantically, I swear I want to become friends with her. She says the same, but I suppose only time will tell.)

It turns out she became Pagan because it offered answers to strange dreams she’d been having, where she was visited by ghosts. She had the same dreams many times, but didn’t realize who the ghosts were until her mother showed her photographs of some dead relatives, including her rather abusive grandfather. It turns out the message her grandfather was trying to pass on to his granddaughter, Pagan Girl, was that he was sorry for all the pain he caused them, so he could clear his conscience and move onto the next world.

Of course, as a skeptic, I have a ration explanation for all this, but that’s not what I responded with. I followed suit with what we had in common, for I realize I keep having strange dreams such as these, too. Where as her messages are usually straightforward, mine are usually more cryptic, and I have to decode them when I’m awake – I mean literally decode like finding anagrams and metaphor my brain cleverly sets up for me. I swear I think my brain is making fun of me sometimes.

Anyway, this girl is very sweet, fun to talk to, and she’s actually quite cute. In fact, for the first time, she’s just started messaging me via msn, so I’m gonna beg off and have a realtime chat with her. I’ll tell y’all about the other girl, whom I actually have a date with Friday, later.

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