Friday, July 25, 2008

Tattoo Girl

As I was telling you yesterday, I’m corresponding with two girls on lavalife right now. Both of whom seem very promising. So much so, that I worry I’m going to have to choose one. Usually, this isn’t an issue, because, well, I don’t get a lot of attention, and usually when I get a crush on girl, I sort of tune everything else out for a bit. The first girl you know, Pagan Girl, who I might also jokingly refer to as “Cheddar.” But only she would find that funny. Well, you might, but for a different reason.

The second girl, we’ll call Tattoo Girl, because she has six tattoos. She sent me a smile a little while after I started messaging Pagan Girl, and I could resist because the timing was really quite good. She sent me a smile when I was actually thinking of sending her one. What are the odds?

So we started messaging each other right away, and last night, we talked on the phone for an hour and a half. We kept trying to say goodbye, but couldn’t. She’s very energetic, and she laughs a lot, and damn does she ever have a cute voice. So we talk until the cows came home, and tonight, I have a date with her. I try not to get too worked up about things like this, since my track record is rather poor, but I’m very excited to meet her tonight.

Here’s what I know about Tattoo Girl so far. She’s has a Jewish heritage, which would make her the first fellow Jew I ever go on a date with. My mom would be probably be proud, if she knew. And she might know actually, because now she’s among the readers here. But she doesn’t read everything. Or so I hope.

She’s a social worker who works with the homeless and natives, and she’s a vegetarian. She studies yoga and kickboxing, and she likes the same kinds of movies I do. And like me, she loves sushi, so tonight, that’s what we’re doing. Or eating, rather. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make myself look pretty.


The brunette, and maybe the old one too... said...

I've been away too damned long, when I come back you are rolling in women and not the least bit religious.
On an aside, you keep this up and you'll be the next Sex in the City! Except I get it.

Malice Blackheart said...

Ha! Al, you always put a smile on my face.

And it occurs to me that I might have more success while dating if I watched that show. I might. Maybe. I tried reading a bit of the book, and after awhile I was like, "Where the hell's the plot?"