Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Addendum Ad Expostulo

Hi all! I just wanted make an adjustment to my assertion a few days ago that I’d turn out an article on a career track for every day of the month. Once I got started on the first one, I realized how much work and research was actually involved. The only article I was actually able to complete in one day was, for obvious reasons, screenwriting, because I’m already an expert of sorts there. But here’s the good news – I’m spending extra time on these articles, so the overall quality should be very good. I’ve even got interviewees lined up for a number of career tracks, and I’m looking forward to chatting with them about their careers, and then expositing them here.

I’m currently about halfway done the second article, which will be on the legal profession. I’m actually working at a law office all week, so I should have ample opportunity to acquire info on this career track. I’ll try to have this article, as well as the work visa article churned out by Friday.


Inkpot said...

Hi Mal, I'm very impressed with the work you are putting into your posts and am looking forward to the article on visa application. I'm afraid I'll leave the one on law - coming from a family in the legal profession and having worked in a law office for 5 years I've had all the exposure I need to the law. :) I'll looking forward to the other career tracks however, as I urgently need to make some money and am looking for inspiration. On a side note, how are things with Pagan girl, or should I not ask? Cheers, Inkpot :)

Malice Blackheart said...

Hi Inkpot,
You’ve had your fair share of law office work too, huh? Cool. Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting started on some more exotic career tracks too, but I figure this week is probably the best time to get this one out of the way.

And since you ask, actually there have been no developments with Pagan Girl. I sent her another e-mail on lavalife because I never see her on msn, and she actually hasn’t read it, or even logged in since the first. So maybe she’s away or something, or just sick of stupid lavalife. I’m sure she gets more than her fair share of harassment on that site, being the well-spoken fox that she is. I might try sending her one more message in the next few days, but if she doesn’t come looking for a message from me at some point, she can’t be terribly interested anyway, can she?

You know what, Inkpot, since you seem to be my only steady fan who isn’t an old buddy or someone in my family, maybe you’ve got a career track you want me to explore. Got any ideas?

Inkpot said...

Hi Mal, thanks for the Pagan girl up date. Sorry to hear she hasn't contacted you recently. It doesn't sound good if she is off both msn and lavalife. :(

As far as careers go - well, I suppose I would be most interested in the creative pursuits - writing, acting, painting. However, I guess I know a bit about them already. How about literary agent? or animator? Or voice over artist? or something completely different like wildlife photographer? I'm looking forward to the list whatever you choose and thanks for asking.
All the best. Inkpot :)

Bianca Lexus said...

Job showcase number three: