Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Office Update

I wrote an article yesterday that I didn’t publish. This is because over lunch, my boss/mom voiced a concern that she or the other lawyer at the office might face dire consequences if the people involved are ever identified, as one of them is a potential young-offender. So I’m going to stew it for now, out of respect for the fact that she’s my boss. She also read this.

That said, this is also my blog, and I control its content. This is my place to express whatever I feel like expressing, to whomever is willing to read it, and I will not be censored by anyone. I love my mother and all, but not even she has that authority. My only true censors are my own morals and common sense. That said, I believe it’s a good story that does the world better to be told than untold, and I will probably publish it next week. I never use real names, so it should be completely possible for this to come back to haunt anybody, but I suppose one can never be 100% certain. My sister found this blog completely on her own, much to my amazement.

I’m corresponding with Pagan Girl again. Recently, tragedy struck her family. Her uncle was murdered. She has left town for a little while to be with old friends and family. I won’t way more about this, because with what little information she gave me, I was able to find an article about the murder fairly easily.

Aside from that, my day seems to be consisting of putting old bank statements in chronological order for three different female family members. Fun stuff.


Inkpot said...

Mmm, I am intrigued.

Poor Pagan girl. As it happens, I also have an uncle who was murdered and even though I was very young at the time it happened, I can understand and sympathise with the horror and shock that touches every member of the family in such a case.

Have a good weekend.


god's holy trousers. said...

One should take into account the future of the internet as well. I mean it is still a fairly new medium. You never know what kind of technological development will come out to do whatever with whatever information. I would suggest to you to keep out any facts that could possibly be linked in any way to the situation. And I'm not sure if the laws apply to blogs or individuals about publishing information about young offenders but I'd ask about that too. This of course doesn't mean that you can't create a story with a similar situation or even play with hypotheticals. And I would take your mom's advice, whether she was acting as your legal counsel or as your mama.
As for the murder, it really is a shame. One wonders what drives another human being to kill. I don't think there is enough emphasis in society in general on the sanctity of life and mortality. There's no course of study in schools about life. There are raging debates about how it started or why it started but not about how precious it is. I think it would help people not take it for granted as much if they understood that it's not a given.

Malice Blackheart said...

Yeah, maybe I won't post it after all. I've got tons of stories.

Your sister who is too lazy to log in said...

Yes, I found it aaaall by myself. That's because I'm a ninja. ^___^ WAHHH.

Hmm... wow, that's... rather disturbing. I hope Pagan Girl is doing all right and finding ways to keep calm back home.