Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Men Like Sex, Women Like… Surveys?

Good news, Inkpot! I’m not writing about law today. (Yay!) I also have good news about Pagan Girl, although then again, also bad news. The good news is that I heard back from her today. The bad news is that a member of her family was murdered. That’s why she’s been incommunicado for awhile. This is actually terrible news. It always saddens me when this sort of thing happens. At least she isn’t using it as an excuse to stop talking to me. That actually happened with another girl I met on lavalife. We corresponded for a long time, and never wound up meeting. Instead, she told be a close family member had died, and then disappeared without any further explanation. She sent me a cryptic e-mail perhaps a month later, and I replied, but I never heard from her again. To this day I don’t know whether she was making up some bullshit excuse because she was too anxious about meeting me, whether she was simply lying about who she was, or whether she was genuinely too affected by the death to be able to deal with dating. Then again, I decided it didn’t matter. Regardless of which of these three reasons, it was a sign she would be no good for me anyway.

So, I’ve noticed something, in contrast to my other findings about lavalife, (which was that the male to female ratio of online users is 2:1.) The polls on Lavalife seem to tell a completely different story. There actually seem to be more answers submitted by women than by men on two of the three survey sections. (In both “dating” and “relationships,” the number came out 55% women and 45% men. “Relationships” had more polls answered by both sexes, but with the same proportions.) The third sexion, (believe it or not, that was a typo, but I left it in because I thought it was funny for me to fall prey to my own innuendo,) “intimate encounters,” which are mainly questions about how hot you like your sex, (um, medium spicy, please!), saw more answers by men than women, (surprise, surprise), with 58% men and 42% women. This is still a far cry from the severely skewed 5:1 ratio of males to females at any given time on the site.

And now, the fun part, where I take the data I collected and pretend to know what it means.

While the men on the site are busy trying to hit on the women, the women are busy answering surveys. Furthermore, men are likelier than women to fill out a survey if it is about sex. That is all.


Dr. Phil said...

Well, I think it's still the same in the real world too in the sense of how men and women approach unknown people with a relationship in mind. Women tend to look at the long term ideals such as ability to provide both healthy genetic material as well as comfort to the family(generally speaking, God bless those of you that are just out for a good time) and men tend to think more about fertility and ability to breed.
I believe the main reason for this is that women get pregnant much easier than men.

Inkpot said...

First - yay! Thanks Mal (for the non law post).
Second - OMG! Poor Pagan girl, that is a tragedy that no family should have to go through. No wonder she wasn't on line.
Third - There is nothing better I like doing then filling in a good survey. It's even better than chocolate or shopping. Ha!Ha! :)

Malice Blackheart said...

Ha! Al, I love it! That last line damn near made me wet myself.

To tell you the truth, Inkpot, I love them too. Particularly those notes I keep stealing on facebook. I can’t get enough of that shit! And then I’ll come across a question like “makeup style?” and then I’ll say to myself, “Good god, I’m a 28-year-old male, and I feel like I’m playing with dolls.” I realize there are plenty of respectable men who do wear makeup, be they be actors or merely homosexuals, but when you’re heterosexual, and serious about getting a date, it’s generally frowned upon. Inexplicably, I particularly enjoy them when they’re about sex.

In conclusion, sex is more fun, but surveys can be completed without the hassle of dressing up, having to listen to your date pontificate for two hours, or even getting your lazy ass out of your chair and away from your computer.

Inkpot said...

facebook is great for surveys. I love finding out what sort of person I am - be it monster, super hero or colour. I particularly like finding out how normal I am and take pride in not being normal at all! :)
I think we can say surveys - the most fun you can have with your clothes on :)

technically the most fun... said...

Dry humping?