Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poem: “I Like Cheddar, I Like Brie”

I like cheddar, I like brie.
I like all kinds of cheese, you see.
From parmesan to Danish blue,
It warms my heart with every chew.

There sits a girl at the next table
To whom I’d speak if I were able.
I never know quite what to say.
My mouth is full now anyway.

I like cheese, and she’s the same.
I even learned that Brie’s her name.
Now I like brie all the more,
I’d even eat it off the floor.

If I like Brie, and she eats brie
Could it be that she’s for me?
For she’s a cheese habitué,
Who breezes by the sweetest way.

Whatever should I say to her?
Or how might I display to her,
I’d give my heart away to her,
Without giving dismay to her?

Should I smile, or give a wink?
No. All the while, I sit and think.
I must tell Brie these thoughts of mine,
Without some cheesy pick-up line.


Inkpot said...

Very gouda! I like it a lot. :)

Malice Blackheart said...

LOL - Touche, Inkpot, touche.

ema nymton said...

Your poetic stylings are so good, I just Camembert it. Nice work!

Inkpot said...

Hey Mal, how are things going? Busy with study I suppose. Hope you are well and those hot Japanese girls are digging you.