Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love her, and now she knows it.

No poem today. Sorry I’ve been away so long; I have good reason. Many reasons in fact, as I’ll briefly explain.

Firstly, I wrote three essays this week, on top of three tests, and I got that JET application in on time. (Actually, my sensei also introduced me to the program coordinator tonight, so hopefully that will help. She was very complementary, say I was “always there early, every day, very eager to study,” and that I “would make a great teacher,” and even that I was “her favorite student.” That last one can’t possibly be true, or rather, I’m sure everybody in the class is her favorite. I love our teacher; though she’s over sixty, you wouldn’t know it. She’s always so cheerful and very upbeat. Anyway, I digress.)

Straight to the good stuff – I went on a date with Nurse Betty on Thursday night. Not a date-date, but a friendly friend-date. Still, I had the time of my life, we had sushi, laughed our asses off, she told me about a few pranks she pulled on her ex. Basically, she egged his house, and also drove up to his place later, and gave him flowers. When he asked why, she told him that it was her condolences to him for losing the best thing that ever happened to him. This is why she’s my hero. Ah yes, I suppose I should mention that shortly after I posted that last poem, he broke up with her for good.

In a moment of rare courage, when she pulled up to my house to drop me off, I told her how I felt about her. I figured it would be best if we both had an immediate out – I could leave the car, and that would be that. But I thought to myself, if I don’t tell her now, I will lose her. It has to be now. When else would I tell her? A week from now? A month? She’ll be taken by then, because in my mind, she’s perfect, and nobody who has her in their sights would let her go. So I won’t either.

That’s all for now, no poetry, sorry. Actually, I went out to a Japanese dinner banquet tonight, and sang karaoke and made a few haiku in a competition to see what group of people (by table) could come up with the best ones. So, I’ll share those, and those can be the poems of the evening. Oh, the theme they gave us was friendship.

Friends are like haiku,
Rising suns and maple leaves,
They are seasonal.

We are not alone.
Friends make us laugh and cry,
Like rain in the spring.


Inkpot said...

You can't leave it at that Mal! How did she respond?????? Please don't be so cruel to your fans. Well done for having the courage to tell her, you were right to do it whatever the outcome. And congrats on being your teachers fav student. :)

Younghee-jin said...

What is her respond? You totally hooked me up to this.

You did the right thing in telling her, because if you didn't you might spend the rest of your days asking yourself, what if I told her and she feels the same way?

I'm sure you are her favorite besides they really take notice when a person always comes early and is always doing a great job. I'm sure your great. Good luck! ^_^

spookygreentea said...

Old friends, framed in snow
They departed for the South
Black birds, picture-frame.

I stink at haikus! D: But you get the idea.