Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember This

And now, for Remembrance Day I wish to extend my gratitude to every person out there who has made a conscious choice NOT to become a soldier. That’s right. NON-combatants. My beef is not with those who, in centuries past, were conscripted, nor is it with those who, as a matter of necessity, defended and/or continue to defend their own turf from unswayable opponents. But as for the war in Afghanistan, there is no fucking excuse. Looking for terrorists? Ha! You’ve been there SEVEN YEARS! “Where are the terrorists, guys? You aren’t serving your country. You’re wasting its money and occasionally coming home in a box. And you chose this. There is no honor in this life. It is a war FUELED by greed. Get the pun?

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I imagine that if they did exist, the world would be steaming with pissed-off World War 1 vets, wondering why in the blue fuck the “war to end all wars” didn’t end anything, really. And then the WW2 vets would come along and wonder why their war, the “war to end all wars, and this time we really mean it” war dissuade people from fighting either. And then the Korean War vets come along, and wonder why their war, the “okay, we probably shouldn’t be doing this, but you know, we just can’t help ourselves” war didn’t… Oh… Never mind. I guess the lesson here is that people kill one another, people have always killed one another, and people will continue to kill one another until there’s none of the mother-fuckers left. And no amount of standing for a moment of silence is going to make any damn difference. So piss off and have a happy fucking remembrance day!

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Inkpot said...

It is funny you mention ghosts. My granduncle died in the 'Great' War. He was very close to his sister and was able to visit his home before being sent to the front, however his mother wouldn't let his sister out of boarding school to say goodbye to him. He went to war. A few weeks later his sister woke to find him in the room with her. He said he had come to say goodbye. A while after that the family received a letter telling them he had been missing in action since the night he appeared to his sister. His body was never found.