Saturday, December 6, 2008


Christmas season, here at last.
My exams approaching fast,
Having reached the end of term,
I work one last day at the firm.

In video remand number five,
I wait for clients to arrive,
Scoundrels come up one by one.
With all the nasty things they’ve done.

But you rise above the rest,
And still, days later, I’m distressed.
Six of them, six of my sisters,
That you hurt, and my heart blisters.

I feel my heart go up in flames,
As the judge reads out their names.
You coward, you scum, you evil swine.
One of them’s a friend of mine!

Some were minors, says the clerk,
And leaving their late shift at work.
Their lives will never be the same.
Stranded, stunted, stained with shame.

To think the only goal that’s here:
To rush you out, with Christmas near.
What about their Christmas cheer?
There is no holiday from fear.

It’s not the system that’s to blame.
It’s men like you, who kill and maim,
And though they’re all alive and well,
Well, not well, their lives are hell.

A lawyer, I could never be,
With all the evils that I see,
The aftermath it all ensues,
I’d feel so helpless in those shoes.

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Inkpot said...

I could never be a lawyer either. I think I could handle the heart ache and the criminals, but after seeing the effect it has had on my family (lawyers being the family profession) and having worked in a law office for years, I don't think I could put myself through it.