Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why are We Still Friends?

It’s your birthday.
I’m coming to see you later.
I didn’t get you a gift this year.
Somehow it didn’t seem appropriate.
I haven’t seen much of you lately.
To tell you the truth, I’ve been avoiding you like the plague.

Is it any wonder?

We were best friends once.
Can’t say I know why.
It’s not like I ever gave you much of anything.
We just played lots of video games together.
And I never did anything bad to you.

But you…
You slept with my girlfriend and killed our cat.
How can I ever forgive you for that?
And somehow that’s not what I hate most about you.
It’s the fact that every time I see you, you make a conscious effort to argue about things neither you nor I understand well enough to have an informed opinion about.
The only thing you and I have in common is our past.
And I hate my past.

But today, I will come over, and say nothing of this.
After all, what are friends for?
That’s not meant to be rhetorical.
I seriously have no idea at all.


Inkpot said...

It's funny (not haha). Today I did a search to check up on a friend I've lost contact with. It seems they are living the same life that caused us to lose contact. Nothing changes. Then I looked at my life. Nothing has changed with me either. It made me feel very sad.

Seriously though, did he really kill your cat? You should NOT have anything to do with him!!!! Sleeping with your gf is one thing, but murdering pets is unforgiveable.

Malice Blackheart said...

Well, perhaps I'm oversimplifying, for dramatic effect. My parents took her in for a year, while he was away in Thailand, and when he returned, he took his cat back without so much as a thank you, which my mother went on about at great length, on a number of occasions. (Mainly over the phone - I was living out of town at the time.)

Anyway, he decided he couldn't afford a vet, or by association, the cat, and because he was afraid to ask my mother about it because she was miffed at him, so he instead brought it to the Humane Society, which has far too many unwanted pets as it is. Now, she was a bit of a cranky cat, and rather obese, so they just put her down, even though she was only like 2 or 3 years old.

So, the cat IS dead, and it IS his fault, and he never showed any signs of remorse for it.

spookygreentea said...

I remember leaving him a rather terse message about the whole thing on his blog.

He just deleted it, without even having the decency to write something back.


Meghan said...

The guy's obviously not worth your time. I'd cut your losses, as nostalgia isn't enough to keep a friendship going.

Inkpot said...

That makes me mad. Funnily enough, the friend I referred to in an earlier post used to do that too. They would get a new pet and after about 18 months tops get bored with them and either put them in a shelter or put them down. Grrrrr.