Saturday, January 31, 2009


The school workload can get heavy pretty quickly. Thursday I had two essays due, and an early morning test, all in one day. Things are pretty quiet now, though, so I figure I better make an entry while I still potentially have one or two readers left.

Update #1: Against my better judgment, I tried talking to Nurse Betty again, to see if she was still mad at me. She was, and now I’m on her block list. Apparently she actually did bother to read my last blog entry about her. I asked her what was so unforgivable about what I did, and her reply was merely “I’m annoyed now.” And then she blocked me on facebook, too. Of course, I’m smart enough to find my way around that. She’s only blocking one identity, but I’m also smart enough to realize there’s really no point. The bottom line is that she’s made a decision about me, and he mind is set. Everything I say to her, whether its an apology, or an argument, or even just hello, is annoying to her now. The thing that bothers me is, that I still like her. I’m not even sure why anymore. In all likelihood, I will probably forget her, eventually.

Update #2: I got rejected from the JET Programme. I can’t really say how I feel about that either. I think part of me didn’t feel ready to go anyway. Another part of me feels like I’m never going to have a job, and never move out of my parents’ house, and never have a girlfriend, and never have a life, etc, etc. Then eventually, hopefully, I’ll keel over and die. If I’m lucky.

There was a job fair on Wednesday at my university, so I drifted from booth to booth. There was two other companies for teaching English overseas. They actually sounded like better deals than JET. There were also some civil service jobs, apparently. I’m not really sure I buy it, because invariably they tell you to apply through the various government websites, which essentially means they can electronically receive thousands of applications without ever have to check them. Fuckers.

Update #3: The strike is finally over. Well, I suppose not officially – the busses don’t run again for another ten days. Essentially what happened is this; since neither the city nor the asshole union were willing to make any kind of concession, the federal government threatened to pass a legislation forcing the drivers back to work. You could just about see the moment the drivers wet their pants as they realized everything was slipping through their fingers, so they basically begged the city to let all outstanding issues go into arbitration. To be fair, the city was more than happy to oblige.

It’s left a pretty bad taste in everyone’s mouth. This is something they could have thought of much earlier. In fact it was suggested numerous times that they go into arbitration. Now people will wonder why they felt it necessary to deprive the entire city of public transportation for more than two months. People will be bitching, insulting, yelling, spitting, assaulting, and occasionally pissing on bus drivers now. And they know it.

“But we have the right to strike,” they say, “and it’s our union rep’s job to get us the best deal he can.”

“You shouldn’t have the right to strike,” I say to them. “Look at the damage you caused. I know that, as servants of the public, you have no interest whatsoever in public service. That’s why I’m going to put it in terms you care about. I know you don’t care about the thousands of people who lost their jobs over your stupid, petty, childish, and frankly pointless concerns. But here’s what affects you: If you didn’t have the right to strike, you wouldn’t have lost two months of wages, your busses wouldn’t be seizing up on you from time-to-time, the city wouldn’t hate you, and probably most notably, you wouldn’t be soaked in my urine.”

Then, before he has time to react, I whip out my super-soaker, and spray him with the two month-old urine I’ve been saving for him. I spray him at point blank. The pressure from the blast pushes him against the far window. He chokes as a little bit of the spray infiltrates his mouth and nose.

“I forgive you!” I shout, giggling and running away into the snowy hills.

Ahhh… I love you, blogging. I’ve missed you.

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Inkpot said...

Oh Mal, *big hugs from Ireland*. I'm sorry about Nurse Betty. Isn't it funny when you still like someone when they treat you like that? I hope you meet someone fab soon who is really into you and you forget all about Nurse Betty. you deserve it. :)

I'm sorry about the JET program too. Rejection really sucks. Are you going to apply for the other programs?

Yeah! The strike is over! Your treatment of the bus driver was somewhat... graphic. I hope it made you feel better. :)