Monday, January 5, 2009

Scenario #4: Gundead!

The dead have risen, and they have GUNS! GUNDEAD!

Players: 5 (4 heroes, 1 zombie player)

Turns: 20


Place the gun shop and graveyard tiles on opposite sides of the manor house. The other two tiles are random. There is an extra spawning pit on any space inside the gun shop, and another on a space adjacent to the manor house. Locate two revolvers and two flare guns, and place them in the discard pile. Firearms may be retrieved, instead of searching, by any player who makes it inside the gun shop or the manor house. Players without a designated starting location begin the game inside the manor house. The game begins in the rain. (Locate the appropriate card from the zombie deck, and leave it in play until a hero can cancel it.)


  1. Heroes: Survive until dawn
  2. Zombies: Kill 4 heroes

Turn Order:

  1. Zombies

a. Draw zombie cards (hand limit 4)

b. Zombies shoot

a. All spawned zombies have guns, which they cannot lose.

b. Zombies’ guns are treated as revolvers, but only hit heroes on 5+.

c. Zombie heroes only have whatever guns they died holding. They also keep any other bonuses they had before becoming zombies.

c. Zombies move and/or attack

d. Zombies respawn automatically. (2D6)

  1. Heroes

a. The conventional rules apply


Lock your door, turn on the light, and sign your life insurance, because the dead have risen, and they have guns. Gundead!


Inkpot said...

Gundead! I love it. Don't know if the living dead are scarier weilding guns, but they certainly are harder to get away from. I think my favourite thing about gundead is that umbrella - it protects against explosions (and body parts), it's a shot gun and it's a sword. I really want one of those. It would be a bonus if it actually could be used as an umbrella too, but I don't think I would chance it because it would probably get turned inside out and start shooting and slicing people randomly (no bad thing perhaps).

Malice Blackheart said...

Hahaha, yes, Ireland needs more people like Donald Swagger to take out the trash. And frankly, you can't have too many umbrellas.

Ema Nymton said...

Dude, this made my morning. Awesome! I can't wait to play.

Ema Nymton said...

I'm a little unclear on the "Zombies respawn automatically (D12)" part. Respawning automatically means that the zombie player doesn't have to roll to see if the zombies respawn. Does the D12 mean that you roll a D12 to determine how many zombies are respawned? If so, maybe it should be 2D6 instead, since LNoE only uses six-sided dice for all its other rolls.

Malice Blackheart said...

Ah. Right you are; 2D6 is what I meant. Glad you like it.