Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Competitive Poetry: The Rules

As I mentioned before, I’ve challenged my good blog-friend Inkpot to a poetry duel. The deadline is Friday, and the rules are as follows:

The poem is to be a sonnet. The subject of the poem, is a favorite fictional character. The third rule, which has yet to be decided, (depending on whether Inkpot likes it or not), is to include all three words from any one set listed below. (These came from random people I know, some of whom are some of my readers. You all know who you are.)

JP: butterscotch, wildly, forego

Sis: caricature, lonesome, entirely

Akv: irrumatio, gourmand, vulgarly

Ema: drastic, Socrates, syphilitic

KK: tools, calligraphy, rock

I have a sinking feeling irrumatio isn’t a real word, but I thought it would be unfair not to list his submission.


Inkpot said...

hi Mal, those lists are really good, I'm impressed! Yup, we have to include at least one set in our sonnet. How can we make this any harder? *evil grin* Coolness. :)

Young said...

Wow! I'm so excited with this. I wonder who wins?! =>

Lots of love for you two,

Inkpot said...

Aw thanks Young, I hope you like both sonnets. :) Inkpot