Friday, February 13, 2009

The Crow

Murdered the night before we planned to wed,
Our dreams faded entirely out of sight.
A year has passed, now I’m back from the dead,
And in the sky, a single crow takes flight.
I left my calling card upon the wall,
A bloody caricature of a crow.
A killer once, but victims aren’t we all?
That’s one down now; just three more left to go.
A lonesome girl sat huddled in the rain.
Cheer up, old friend. It can’t rain all the time.
I think of Shelly’s thirty hours of pain,
And promise to avenge this heinous crime.
This town has seen the last of Devil’s Night.
At last, I have returned to set things right.


Inkpot said...

I love it, Mal! It is so good. *grrr, grinds teeth* :). I knew you would do great. Mine is finally up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I read about the challange on Inkpot's blog. I think your sonnet is brilliant. You have such ease and facility in the sonnet format which is really impressive considering how difficult it is (to me anyway). It reads aloud well as I found out when i was trying to get help with discovering who your favourite fictional person is. Sadly, my knowledge of vampires is limited to Angel, Highlander and Dracula and I don't suppose its any of them???? (and for ANgel and Highlander, I haven't really seen them!) Still, your sonnet made me kind of want to- it's really good

Malice Blackheart said...

Thank you both for the kind praise!

As for the subject of my poem, it's not as cryptic or as clever as you think; it's Eric Draven from "The Crow" (1994).

It's in my top ten movies of all time. It's a brilliant film. Its many sequels, not so much. Its odd, because generally I tend to forget comic book movies, but this one is very well written, and had wonderful actors.

Stranger still, Brandon Lee, the star, died making this movie - and accident involving a firearm during the shoot. So to speak. It's a terrible waste because he was such a promising actor and seemed like such a delightful guy from his interviews, where ironically, he talks about mortality.