Monday, February 9, 2009

The Farmer's Daughters

Sitting in the cafeteria today with some of my Japanese classmates, (whom I will henceforth refer to as the “Nihongoers”), I heard a very funny joke, (from a guy I’ll call “Jackhammer” because of its perfect blend of subtle cleverness and over-the-top lewdness. If you don’t know why it’s lewd, I win.) The joke rhymed, so I thought it appropriate for my blog. (Not that I’ve ever deemed anything inappropriate anyway!) Also, I’m sitting in the campus library between classes, and though I probably should be working on a research assignment, I… don’t… wanna! Anyway, here it is:

A farmer, a single father had three daughters who had just reached the dating age. He was a stern man, and generally overprotective of his daughters, and he thought it might be effective if he greeted each of his daughters’ suitors with his shotgun.

The first suitor comes knocking. The farmer answers, his shotgun loaded. He says nothing, and lets the young man speak.

“Hey, I’m Freddy. I’m here for Betty. Were goin’ out for spaghetti. Is she ready?”

The farmer thinks he seems like a nice enough guy, so he lets him in. Then comes the second suitor.

“Hey, m’name’s Joe. I’m here for Flo. We’re goin’ to a show. Is she ready to go?”

The farmer deems him a decent enough guy, and lets him by. Then comes the third.

“Hey, I’m Chuck –” Blam! The farmer shoots him dead. I guess there was really only one way to go from there.

Of course, now I find myself wondering, what was the third daughter’s name?


Inkpot said...

Hee hee, very funny. I was wondering the exact same thing myself.

Anonymous said...
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