Monday, April 13, 2009

I Don’t Like This Poem

I don’t like this bar…
We’ve come too damn far.
Too drunk to drive home.
I can’t be alone.

I just like your smile…
It’s so filled with guile.
Reminds me of that time…
We drank too much wine.

I don’t like to go.
Makes me feel so slow,
Stagger down the street,
I can’t feel my feet.

I just like that skirt.
My mind is full of dirt
I can’t move, I’m scared,
I’ll fall from my chair.

I don’t like this song…
It’s just too damn long.
My head is spinning ‘round.
‘Round the whole dang town.

I just like your eyes.
Wide with wise surmise.
Tell me your deep thoughts,
I wanna know ‘em, yeah.

And – I don’t like my life…
Hungry for a wife.
Why would you say yes?
I puked on your dress.

I just like you near.
I don’t like this fear.
This can’t be the end.
Please still be my friend.


spookygreentea said...

I do like this poem.

Shadowthorne said...

You composed a poem about getting drunk in some bar and then puked on a girl? Brilliant. :)