Saturday, August 29, 2009

Four Hot Women

It’s time for another update methinks. Just to let my two and a half readers know what I’m up to. I’m wise enough to know you’re not here for my shitty poetry. You’re here for the juicy stuff. So here it is. You sluts.

I’ve just finished summer school. I took British and American literature. This is how I spent my summer, reading books, playing PSP, going to lectures, chasing hot girls, and most importantly, not finding work. I’m exceedingly good at not finding work. It’s a shame it’s a skill that isn’t in high demand.

Right now there are 4 women I’m interested it. In no particular order, they are: Rose, Cue-T, Buffy and Orchid. (I sense a flower theme today.) Rose, I’ve mentioned before. She SO hot, and such a sweetheart, but she’s VERY elusive. Since I last mentioned her, we actually went on a date and it was GREAT fun! We just wandered around the market, and parliament, and made fun of the soldiers on parade. I suppose if I had to pick a favorite, it would be her, but she’s terrible at calling me back. She’s said again and again that she wants to see me again though, so I’m inclined to believe her.

The other three I accumulated over the summer. I met all of them on a dating site, and we’ve been chatting off and on. Cue-T likes to play pool. She’s also quite cute, hence the name. We actually have a mutual friend already, which is bound to happen, even in a capital city such as this. Buffy likes the show of the same name. We may go see the movie together on Monday. She also kinda looks like Buffy. Orchid arranges flowers, and is an ethnic mix that reminds me of several of my exes. People used to make fun that I seem to like ethnic mixes the most, particularly when they’re half-Asian. I won’t confirm or deny that, but it certainly looks to be the case, at least in hindsight. They’re all equally attractive and intelligent in my books, so it isn’t like there’s a clear victor. If one of them turns out to be a vampire, then maybe she’ll win the contest. Hell, she’ll probably eat the competition. I’m going to make an effort to meet them all in the next week and a half

I’m finally ready to go for my drive test, to get my license, but now the lazy wankers are striking. What could they possibly be dissatisfied with? They get to sit in a car all day intimidating new drivers, failing them if they’re having a bad day. I don’t see what the fuss is about. Small minds love to abuse small amounts of power. They have small minds, and they have their small amount of power. I always think of Selma (or is it Patty) from the Simpsons when I think of drive testers. Jesus Christ, give me 60 grand a year, so I can grow a fat ass to sit in a car and tell people they suck at driving; I’ve been on the road; I know how much fully-licensed people suck at driving.

You know I’m not making fun of fat people, right?

Anyway, I said I’d give you an update. Well, there it is. Now – back to the shitty poetry...

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Shadowthorne said...

Well well well, who's the slutty pimp here just out from summer school. Four hot women... I wonder who gave you the idea to seek SEVERAL entertainment at once. Oh I almost forgot, me. :)

Just chase the damn women and breed them if you will. Me thinks you are one little guy who tasted too little love your whole life. Now grab the day and squeeze the juice out of her balls (so bloody graphic, but you are in that kind of mood anyway).