Monday, September 14, 2009

She Says

She says, “Can I walk home with you?
I want some time alone with you,”
She says.

She says I’m meant for such great things.
She loves my witty ramblings,
She says.

She says that I waste too much time.
To waste my talents is a crime,
She says.

She says, “Don’t make me wait too long,
‘Cause I’m not feeling very strong,”
She says.

She says she hates my ramblings.
“You laugh at very stupid things,”
She says.

She says she’s sleeping with my friends.
She feels she need not make amends,
She says.

She says I can’t just leave it there.
She says she’s sick of my inaction.
She says she needs to know I care.
She says she just wants some reaction.

She says “How dare you look amused?”
She says I make her so confused.
She says she wants to be refused.
She says she wants to be abused.

She says “I’m so in love with you.
“The problem is I hate you too,”
She says.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

I really ought to stop by here more often ... I have you in my google reader, but it is bogged down with crap and you get lost in it.

(I am not a fan of poetry, all dripping with emotion, seems so forced, like blobs of paint thrown at a canvas and we're supposed to appreciate it cuz it rhymes or doesn't, blah.)

You poetry is much more fun and elegant. Makes me happy to read. I smile and have a tinge of guilt about the smile ...


Shadowthorne said...

She says a lot of crap.

Malice Blackheart said...

Thank you, Mrs. Roth. I'm glad someone enjoys it. I went to a poetry reading yesterday, and it was totally incomprehensible. When did poetry become about alienating the listeners?

Yes, Shadowthorne. She sure does. But I sure found her inspiring.