Sunday, June 20, 2010


George Carlin once said “why is it that everyone else’s stuff is shit, but your shit is stuff?” Collecting “stuff” has become somewhat of a mental illness in western culture. My parents’ house is so filled with junk now, that some rooms, once meant for living, like the “living room,” for instance, are now just storage areas. This includes the basement recreation room. Now if you watch TV there, you wonder if you’re going to be crushed to death by a random box avalanche. I can’t seem to get anyone to admit that this stuff is junk with no value. It’s just a fake attachment my family has created for themselves, and it goes back generations. All my grandparents’ stuff is there now too. We’ve been “emptying” their houses for years now, unable to sell them because of all the stuff! My parents and uncles keep trying to figure out who it should go to, like it’s some kind of fucking heirloom! It’s just junk, and nobody else wants it. On top of that, you know my dad actually saves all our old newspapers? It’s like living in a rat’s nest! People need to stop chaining themselves to shit they don’t need. So fuck stuff. Go put on a backpack, fill it with a few essentials – some clothes, some water, some granola bars, and some porn if you need it, and go out and hug a fucking tree. Amen.

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