Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cornball Justice

I’m sure you’ve heard that justice is blind. Well, apparently, it’s also stupid.

Today, I want to talk about the trial of a man who was sentenced to life in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. I’m sure you’ve all heard these kinds of stories before, and no I’m not directly involved in this affair, but I’ve taken a special interest in this particular case since I first heard about it five years ago, mainly because of how badly the whole case reeked of police corruption. You can read the article here, in the Cornwall Standard Freeholder:

The first thing you should all note is that this entire case is based entirely on the testimony of one lying psychopath named Roger Belair, infamous for being “one of Cornwall’s worst criminals.” The police knew that he is a pathological liar, having constantly lied to them about literally everything in this case, changing his story several times, and having being caught in a lie about not having attempted to murder his accomplice, Andy Paul. (Belair shot Paul in the head, leaving him with a slew of health problems, including “permanent hearing loss, loss of equilibrium, migraines and brain fluid leakages.”)

The police had ample evidence that Belair and Paul were present at both crime scenes. (The first is the double homicide of the Benedicts. The second is the attempted murder of Paul, whose blood was understandably at the scene.) There is no evidence that any other person, (other than the two victims of course), had ever been there. So the question is: Why did two other men get charged with the murders?

The first accused man, Jason Maestrello, was sentenced yesterday to a minimum of 25 years in prison. The second, Michael Boyle, will stand trial in September. I’m hoping that his trial goes better than Maestrello’s, but also bear in mind that these two men have already been incarcerated five years, with no concrete evidence to justify keeping them there. The police lied (yes, LIED) about having DNA evidence placing them at the crime scenes, which they were never able to produce. I’m trying to imagine why in the world the police would WANT to lie about something like this, and I can’t. They would have to be convinced of their guilt, but without any evidence, I don’t see how they possibly could be. All they have is the testimony of a lying psychopath, who’s obviously trying to cover his own ass.

Here’s a paraphrase of what Belair told the police, and what the jury was presented with:

“Yeah, I shot Andy Paul. Right in the head. And yes, I admit that I lied about it afterwards, but I mean, come on! How was I supposed to know he’d survive? I’m telling the truth this time though, I promise. And yeah, I was there during the two murderers, but Boyle and Maestrello made me watch. Those two killed the Benedicts, not me. Yeah, I know I didn’t tell you about their involvement right away, but I forgot, alright? Alright, so I forgot twice, when we went over it a second time. Can we get past this? Oh, and yes, I got rid of the weapons, but they made me do that too. Yes, they made me do a lot of things that night. They were the masterminds. Yes, both of them. So can I make a deal and plead to a lesser charge for turning them in, or what?”

This, in a nutshell, is Belair’s bullshit story. Would you buy it? I sure wouldn’t. But apparently, the police did, and consequently, the jury did too. I don’t understand it. It violates the principle of Occam’s razor, and it’s littered with inconsistencies. Generally, I find when you’re looking for the real mastermind behind any crime, you look and at where the money goes. The motive behind this double-murder was to steal 160 grand, which Belair got, by the way. The whole case stinks.

Now Maestrello has to appeal this bullshit case in front of yet another jury. Do you call that a good use of our tax dollars? I sure don’t.

It is painfully obvious that something has gone horribly wrong here. Belair, a known and feared psychopath, who obviously lied about everything, and masterminded the double-homicide (which was actually meant to be triple-homicide) from the very beginning, and who GOT THE MONEY, was sentenced to 3 years. Maestrello, who can’t even be placed at either crime scene by anything other than the testimony of a known liar and psychopath, and who (understandably) maintains his innocence, gets 25-to-life. Does that seem right to you? Unless someone stops Belair, he’ll kill again. Mark my words. Belair should be serving the life sentence, not Maestrello. More importantly, all of the police involved in this case should be investigated for gross incompetence, not to say downright corruption. This is an abomination of justice, and the police should not be making deals with known psychopaths. The fact that the police built their entire case on Belair’s bullshit story, and stuck to it for five years, lacking any actual evidence, suggests that they’re trying to cover up a bigger problem. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what that is?


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

:) Thanks for the most encouraging comment I ever heard from you EVER in my blog. :)

It is a rotten society if we waste money when we can serve justice quicker - by cutting the psychopath's head. This is how free-will corrupts the system. They'd say even serial-killers need a chance.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the exact story. I hope everyone reads this and finally finally... sees the truth. I don't know who you are, but I'd like to thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are either, but as members of Jason's family, it has been encouraging to see that other people, who aren't involved personally with the case, people who do not have a personal stake in its outcome, can see these "events" for the farce they are.

It would be interesting to speak with you, to find out what caused you to come to the conlcusions that you have come to. I, as well, would like to thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. My name is Tasha. I have known Jason since I was 15....I can tell you right now he is definitely not a if anyone would like to contact me

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this is micheal boyle's one and only daughter , id like to thank you for this and my father is now out and living life once again with his family and close friends , thank you so much

Anonymous said...

i knew all on a personal level. belair, jay mike andy and the benedicts. condolences to the benidict and jacobs family. however belair, jay, and mike and andy were ALL involved in there own way and all but andy served time. Mike served his and jay is serving more than enough. Andy should of been convicted of accesory to murder. and belair ws involved more than he let on and should be were jay is right now

Anonymous said...

JByrd? Seriously I assuming this is Jaime? You most certainly DO know who I am...not that YOU knowing or NOT knowing me would in any way change what I know of Jason personally. He is DEFINITELY being framed. For someone to go from having NO criminal record to a double murderer is HIGHLY unlikely. I put my email so if ever in the future for appeals and what not if Jason ever needed character witnesses, letters etc I would be more then happy to help.

Teejay Boyle said...

i told my dad about this ( mike boyle ) one of the accused ,
he would like to thank you ffor this as well .

-Tina Joe Boyle (TeeJay)

Anonymous said...

im not sure if im relevant anymore but i was looking up people i did time with and jason was one them. trust me im not one to stand up the system we live in, as ive been in and out of jails, prisons and institutions most of my life. im a witness to the corruption, abuse of power and just absolute bullshit that makes up our justice system. most involved should be shot and pissed on for their actions and im being nice. wether you wanna believe it or not its the honest to god truth. now that being said i think jay is a good guy and he is doing far to long for what actually transpired, the people involved and the lifestyle they all lived but hes guilty as sin. just to clear the air. ive heard it from his mouth myself, i did a few years with him and we were close.

Anonymous said...

When I first met Jay he was a Fast paced young man living life to the fullest enjoying life fast cars, busy life even dating a stripper playing Dad .Living the great life. Only problem with Jay you never knew if his stories were true .Jay was always trying to make a quick deal or o quick buck he always had his hands in something. Don't take this the wrong way Jay was always a good guy, but he played with the wrong people .I'm was not part of His lifestyle I met Jay through an Acquaintance I think we just clicked he would stop by here and there just to talk..... When the news broke about the murder I was contacted by Jay he called me and wanted some help I Didn't know how to help he was not getting to much support at that time. I COULD NOT HELP HIM ...I was scared that he might be guilty Nice people do bad things For the wrong reason Jay (Jason) is guilty. There is DND evidence also . I Do believe he was involved Jay always had a way of making you want to believe him .It's very sad for Everyone involved People did Die that means something .There should be no such thing as plee bargaining All involved should have to pay.