Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seinfeld Moment

Okay, so I had to relate this to someone. I can’t tell whether is really funny or just embarrassing.

Last night I went to a club with the express intention of meeting a woman I’ve known about for months, but never spoken to or met. I had heard she might be going to this metal show, (and for the record, I’m not a big fan of the music – it’s just noise to me), so I went in the off chance I could finally meet her. So that alone is embarrassing enough. We have a number of common friends, but we’ve never met. I just happen to think she’s reasonably attractive and has all kinds of things in common with me. Anyway, this entry isn’t really about her, because she wasn’t there. Evidently, she didn’t think the cover charge was worth it.

I did though, and I met another friend of the groups’ instead, a makeup artist in the movies. I can’t call her Makeup Girl since I used that name already two years ago, but for now I think it’s fitting enough to call her Mulva.

See, throughout the night, it was clear that we liked each other, and that we didn’t like the music, so we tried to get as far from the stage as possible. There were some nice couches by the back. We figured out that we’d even worked with the same people in the industry, when I mentioned an ancient makeup artist with a little yappy dog that used to make my life difficult. She was like “Oh, you know MJ! I hate her!”

So we left the club together and I drove her home. We knew it was a bad idea to go up to her apartment, but she didn’t want to leave the car. So we made out in the car for the better part of an hour. When she finally left, the entire car was fogged up. I wasn’t aware this was possible in the middle of summer. Well, I suppose it’s the end of summer now…

We made tentative plans to do something today, like maybe dog walk together. She hasn’t called yet though. Maybe it’s the rain. Or maybe she won’t call. The more they don’t call, I find, the less I care. When she put my name into her phone, she spelled it right the first time and everything. Even my ridiculous last name.

Here’s the embarrassing part though. I can’t for the life of me remember her name. Ever during that hour in the car, I was thinking, I don’t know this woman’s name. So if she does call, which doesn’t seem likely, and asks if I know who she is, I’ll say “Mulva?”