Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Ghost/Writer

This is the story of a young writer on his journey into writing for the public eye. All his life, he has been terribly shy, never sharing his innermost thoughts with anyone. Even now, he writes anonymously, and in the third person.

It is his twenty-eighth year of life, and it is his goal to be published and employed as a writer by the thirtieth, though not necessarily in that order. Until now he has lived like a ghost – quietly and namelessly stirring just beyond audible and comprehensible range.

It was not long ago that this young writer had dreams of achieving success by twenty-eight. This, however, did not come to pass. He has had many friends and loved several women for whom this is also true. It is now his hope for himself and those around him that they envision new dreams, perhaps better dreams. One day, with enough dedication and planning, these dreams will come to fruition.

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spookygreentea said...

A ghost says 'boo.' You sir, write many more words with much more potency than that.

You have been found.