Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fix It, Fix It, Six Foot Stitch

How long will we feel this itch?
Fix it, fix it, six foot stitch.

See the leopard,
Eat that shepherd,
Shredding claws.
Locking jaws.

Mother Nature, you’re a bitch.
Fix it, fix it, six foot stitch.

Tender meat is everywhere.
We use dainty silverware.
Closets get an empty stare,
When we wonder what we’ll wear.

Poor man, poor man, strikes it rich.
Fix it, fix it, six foot stitch.

Feet like a jackal,
Coat like a grackle,
This here smack’ll make you rich.
Clouds look holy,
Nose bleeds slowly,
Fix it, fix it, six foot stitch.

Where’s my pension?
No attention.
Wedding bells.
Shocking shells.

Reset, reset, there’s a glitch,
Fix it, fix it, six foot stitch.

Market’s dropping?
Let’s go shopping!
Hearts keep stopping; life’s a bitch.
Live for hire,
Then retire.
Fix it, fix it, six foot ditch.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Don’t Like This Poem

I don’t like this bar…
We’ve come too damn far.
Too drunk to drive home.
I can’t be alone.

I just like your smile…
It’s so filled with guile.
Reminds me of that time…
We drank too much wine.

I don’t like to go.
Makes me feel so slow,
Stagger down the street,
I can’t feel my feet.

I just like that skirt.
My mind is full of dirt
I can’t move, I’m scared,
I’ll fall from my chair.

I don’t like this song…
It’s just too damn long.
My head is spinning ‘round.
‘Round the whole dang town.

I just like your eyes.
Wide with wise surmise.
Tell me your deep thoughts,
I wanna know ‘em, yeah.

And – I don’t like my life…
Hungry for a wife.
Why would you say yes?
I puked on your dress.

I just like you near.
I don’t like this fear.
This can’t be the end.
Please still be my friend.