Monday, January 11, 2010

So Little Time

Oh my freaking hell! I had no idea January would be throwing so many projects my way so quickly! I barely have time to blog (and should not be, in fact, as I have a presentation to give tomorrow, worth 30%!)

So this entry may read more like a shopping list, but I need to work through all this somehow, as I’ve got to finish it all sometime this month.

Major Project to complete:

  1. Grad School Application – I need to find three profs who will vouch for me, and write me a good letter of recommendation. I should also see my guidance counsellor stat! If I don’t get this in by February 1st, I can’t be considered for funding as a teaching assistant.
  2. Poetry Presentation (30%) – This is tomorrow. I signed up for it because I like to get presentations out of the way. The downside is I’ve had little time to prepare. I’m actually pretty excited about it though, as I have a great group comprised of girl who started her own sorority, (making her month arguably busier than mine), a cancer survivor, a really nice handicapped girl I took notes for last term. These ladies love the poet we got too – Sir Charles G. D. Roberts – because he loved nature, and he had many torrid love affairs in his day.
  3. Poetry Anthology (60% at end-of-term, but I’d better start now.) This is actually in the same poetry class, and I’m pretty excited about this. You see, our prof is rather liberal in the way she marks her students, in that she’ll let you do just about anything as long as it involves poetry, and you’re passionate about it. So this other girl and I have started collecting submissions from the rest of the class, and our project is to get them all published with the help of our prof! How cool is that?
  4. 72-Hour Film Challenge – I just found out about this. Two weeks from now, I’m entered into a contest to write, shoot and edit a film in 3 days. I’m the team screenwriter, so it actually starts with me. I told them I’d send them some malleable ideas so they can start securing locations for that week-end. I have this idea about a man with a talking penis… I’m tentatively calling it “Cock Talk.”
  5. Write a Slam – It’s over a year now since I started writing and reciting poems. I think it’s about time to compete, and I’ve started befriending some really awesome poets.
  6. Write a poem for Goblin Fruit – Ema mentioned this to me, and really, I should be starting to get my stuff published elsewhere other than my own blog.
  7. Zombies in Camelot Outline – I already talked about this a few posts ago, but I haven’t worked on it since, and I’m starting to worry that I may not find the time.

Anyway, wish me luck on my presentation tomorrow!


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