Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Found an Angel by the Bookstore

Last night,
The rain came suddenly heavy.
I had no umbrella, no coat, no warning.
Though myself I was silently scorning.

The rain fell, erratically stalling,
Sometimes stopping, sparsely falling.
Sometimes heavy, heavy, heavy, cold.
I stood where student’s books are sold.

I found an angel standing there,
On her cell, to borrow a car.
She was a vision, to be sure.
Her eyes blue as the sky,
Her hair gold as the sun,
I asked of her a favor, and in a word it was done.

I knew her through a friend.
He left her late last year.
Why he did this, I don’t know.
Her complexion’s white as snow.
Her smile is always full of cheer.
It drives me ‘round the bend.

When he gave her the keys,
And made a joke at her expense.
I thought of the girl I left,
And could not recompense.

Now that his money is his own to spend.
He shows off his new game controller.
It’s childish, and stupid.
But I understood.
Baffling, laughing.
Crafty packaging.
We left him to his devices.

There we sat, driving home,
Sheltered from the rain.
She says was glad she caught me.
I was glad of many things,
But saddened by them too.

I wanted to say something nice.
I wanted to know what happened.
I wanted to ask her about it.
But I did not.
I know well enough not to open old wounds.
Especially when they’re my own.

But last night,
With beauty like Helen of Troy,
She became my angel on four wheels.

“Helen Wheels”?

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