Monday, January 5, 2009

Scenario #3: Rescue Team

Get in, Get the Babes, Get out!

Players: 4 (3 heroes, 1 zombie player)

Turns: 12


Place the manor house in the center of town. The outer four tiles are random. All three heroes begin the game together on the same edge of town, determined by a random D6 roll.


  1. Heroes: Rescue 6 (of 8) townspeople from the manor house, and take them out of town. If time runs out, the heroes lose.
    1. A townsperson accompanies a hero the moment that hero enters his/her space. There is no limit to how many townspeople can accompany a hero.
    2. When a player moves off the edge of the board, all accompanying townspeople are saved. That player has left the game, but may still assist other players with any remaining hero cards in hand.
  2. Zombies: Kill all the heroes, or 3 townspeople in the manor house.
    1. If unaccompanied, townsfolk defend themselves as unarmed heroes with one hit point.
    2. If an unaccompanied townsperson survives a zombie attack and is still under siege, on the hero turn, the players may move that townsperson two spaces in any direction they choose, (but obviously, not through walls or other zombies.) This movement can be used to join a hero.
    3. When a zombie wounds a hero, the zombie player may choose to kill an accompanying townsperson instead, so watch out!


  1. Heroes do not respawn. If all 3 heroes die, the game is over.
  2. Zombies – The conventional rules apply.


It was three in the morning when they got the distress call. Something terrible had happened, and most of the town had died, but there were still some survivors.

“Help us,” came a frightened voice over the radio. “We’re holed up in the manor house in the middle of town. I don’t know how long we can hold them off.”

“Stay where you are,” came a determined voice from the other end. “There are only three of us, but we’re coming to save you.”

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Inkpot said...

And so the adventure begins. Sounds like a great scenario Mal. :)