Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What’s Important, Is what’s Inside it.

Look here, at this rock I found.
I’ve been looking at it all day long.
Can’t be worth much, but still, look.
What do you notice about its form?

Listen now, don’t make a sound.
Can you hear? It’s singing you a song.
No? Perhaps I was mistook.
We are strangers. All the sky’s a storm.


ema nymton said...

I think this is your best poem yet.

Inkpot said...

I can hear the rock singing. :)

spookygreentea said...

If Famous Poets Wrote Zombie Haiku

Zombie Haiku by Dylan Thomas
Do not go gentle
into that zombie plagued night.
And take the shotgun.

Zombie Haiku by Silvia Plath
From head to black shoe,
daddy, I had to eat you
because I’m starving.

Zombie Haiku by Robert Frost
Two lobes in the skull.
I eat the bloodier one –
not much difference.

Zombie Haiku by e.e. cummings
if anyone lived
in this wretched how town (they)
would be soon eaten.

Zombie Haiku by Emily Dickinson
I heard a fly buzz
when I became a zombie.
That was one loud bug.

Zombie Haiku by Walt Whitman
Every skin atom
form’d from this soil, this air,
tastes like chicken meat.

Zombie Haiku by William Shakespeare
To bite through the skull
or beat it against the wall?
That is the question.

Zombie Haiku by Edgar Allen Poe
Beside of the sea
I killed my Annabel Lee
because zombies do that.

Zombie Haiku by Theodore Roethke
I knew a woman,
piled up once I ate her,
lovely in her bones.

Younghee-jin said...

It like a lyrics. I like the words you've used.

Inkpot said...

Wow spooky, I love those zombie haiku. Every famous poet - fake and real - should write zombie haikus!