Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally, My G1

So last week, or maybe the week before, I said something about making an article about getting a work visa in the states. Well, obviously a work visa isn’t the only option, as you may also simply want to move there.

I went to see Grandma Depressia last night and she started ranting about how Russia is going to invade the United States. Prusmably this was set off after reading all of the turmoil between Russia and Georgia.
“Right, grandma. First Georgia, then the world.”
“If America goes to war, Canada will have to follow. What if you get drafted?”
“Granma, nobody’s been drafted in this country in over 60 years.”
Fret, fret, fret. Anyway, I didn’t tell her about my potential plan to move to the states.

Oh, also I finally got my G1 learner’s permit! (Yeah, baby!) I mean, I know that isn’t much of a feat, but at least I can start booking my driving lessons. For those of you not familiar with Ontario’s “Graduated Licensing” system, (which was designed by people who didn’t have to go through this staggered, exaggerated program themselves, though they insist it saves lives – something that’s impossible to prove, and frankly, quite typical of our province’s infrastructure-mentality), the G1 is the first of three steps to getting a driver’s license, which involves a written test. It costs $125, (this is just for the written test and eye exam, oh and the little laminated card – yet another exaggerated way for the province to bleed its subjects), and you have to score 80% or above, or you fail. I passed thankfully, but a number of people in front of my flunked it by one or two questions, and they had to do it again. I felt bad for them. But I suppose we do need people to know what a stop sign is. You would think that was common knowledge. You would think. Maybe graduated licensing was introduced because people are getting dumber. I haven’t ruled out the possibility.

Anyway, I’m at the office today, and as there’s not much to do, and I haven’t heard from Pagan Girl, I may post again later today.


They can drafte me right after their kids. said...

yeay! G1!
All the little nitpicky things the govt does is just to give you a sense of false control and safety while making them tons of cash.
Where were you planning on going in the States?

Malice Blackheart said...

Hollywood, baby! The plan isn't set in stone yet, because I'm still trying to figure out how in the hell I'm even going to be allowed to work there, but for now I'm looking into it as a possibility.