Sunday, November 9, 2008

I don’t know what in the haiku to write about…

I’m aware that I need to write more.

Well, another week or so has passed since my last entry. Not that I have that many readers anyway. Still, I’ll try to be good and write about something. It’s not like I got that much to do – I’ve got an essay due next week, actually. I made a vague goal to get started on it today, and so naturally this is when I choose to do a blog entry instead.

There’s something a little bit sad about the blog of a person who doesn’t actually do anything. This week-end I can quite honestly say that I’ve done nothing but play video games, watch TV, and met with Ema Nymton to create a Dungeons and Dragons character. That’s right. As if being 28-years-old, living with my parents, and in first year uni weren’t bad enough, I’m playing D&D for the first time since I was ten. And I plan on enjoying it, dammit. But it gets me thinking – not that I’m terribly emotionally invested in what other people think, but more as a point of interest – exactly what sort of impression do I give people? They’re probably thinking “good grief, look at this guy. He’s going well out of his way to make sure he never gets laid.”

And now, a few haikus by Malice Blackheart:

Trying to find girls
Only to breathe shallow nothings
Banana hammock

A boy coughs down eggs
Fried greased ham in just known lays
Must not own place quaint

Rescued a toad once,
She was trapped in a match box.
Who would put her there?

To write my essay,
I stare all night at the screen,
Then it dawns on me.


Inkpot said...

I am in the exact same dilemma Mal. I go to write my blog post and I think - what will I write about? I didn't even go outside of the house today. I did some writing, I watched some tv, I read a little - ground breaking stuff everyone wants to hear about. Good luck with the paper. I liked the haikus. Looking forward to hearing more about D&D - what campaign are you starting? What kind of character do you have?

Malice Blackheart said...

My D&D character is an evil gnomish bard whose name completely eludes me at the moment, as Ema has the sheet we filled out together. Perhaps he graces my blog with his presence he can remind me of it. It had something to do with being a real penny-pincher.

Inkpot said...

oooh, an evil penny pinching bard! I hope he drops by the blog and tells his name (makes me think it is Rumplestilskin for some reason - weird). Anyway, sounds a good character. Good luck with it. I love D&D but haven't played for years.