Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day #1: 100 Blogs

And the project begins… now!

I think it would pay to have a little routine worked out for each day, just to keep things consistent. I have the following routine for each day for the month. I’ll be treated this like a 9-5 job, with the understanding that once all my work is done, I can go home early. Oh look, I’m here already!

  1. Read and comment on 3 random blogs. By the end of this month, that should mean I’ve written to damn near 100 bloggers. It’d be 93, but I’ll throw in a few extra every now and then for good measure. If one of them is reading this, as ask you, is the internet not a wonderful tool to expand your craft?
  2. Write a movie review every day. That should make 31 by the end of the month.
  3. Set up a Dear Abbey-style column, except we’ll call it Dear Gabby. Gabby isn’t my real name by the way, it’s just the one I’ll use for the advice column. So, you haven’t figured out who I am just yet, or if you have, that’s not why.
  4. Apply for 3 writing jobs, anywhere I can find them advertised.

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