Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogs that are Better than Mine #2

Every new day, I have a new idea of what it is to have a blog. Today I read about a blog called Petite Anglaise. Check it out. Seriously, check it out; this is the stuff a bloggers dreams are made of.

It tells the story of a bored, middle aged Englishwoman in Paris, working for some intimidating English douchebag whilst trapped in an emotionally void relationship with a workaholic. You know this is a recipe for angst, drama, and torrid love affairs.

Anyway, long story short, Catherine Sanderson got herself fired because of her indiscretions on her blog. (Her boss knew her from her profile picture. This is the sort of reason why I don’t have one.) The uproar this caused among her readership is the stuff of legends. Now this woman has $900,000 book deal. Who’s on top now, douchebag?

This is exactly the sort of blog that does extraordinarily well because it tells a story. And it’s honest. The author has no reason to lie, as in theory, she’s anonymous, thus she has nothing to hide. It is incredible how much more interesting people can be when they aren’t worried about offending someone. And as it turns out, once her identity was revealed, offending those people is the best thing she could have done with her life. That’s why this Catherine Sanderson is my hero of the day.

Though my blog does, in its own way, tell a story, it’s not a particularly interesting one, primarily because right now, there’s not a lot of sex in it. So I rant about things that piss me off, and how I want to be a writer. Who doesn’t?

Also, I’m lazy, and it’s Sunday, and because I’m going out in an hour, and won’t be back until after midnight, this is as long as this entry can be. Don’t give me that look. I kept my word, didn’t I? One entry every day. The story continues…


sevenravens said...

Speaking of offending people, I really hope I didn't offend you with my big mouth tonight. The editing process that usually happens between thought and speech just didn't kick in...

Anonymous said...

I had actually only read the part pertaining to your novel... not the personal part.
Also, I think I need to get the hang of this anonymous thing... if you want to delete my first comment, feel free.
I'll stop now.

Malice Blackheart said...

Seriously, you've no need to worry about that. How can I put your mind at ease? What 28-year-old male wouldn't jump at the chance to brag about his stripper girlfriend? As long as my parents never find out, I think I speak for all 20-somethings in my position: "Wow-wee!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Consider my mind at ease. :)
And though my inner editor is sometimes out for coffee when I need her, I promise that even I'm not daft enough to mention certain things in front of other people's parents!