Saturday, March 1, 2008

On Anonymous Bogging

If you’ve read any other entries to this blog, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’m deliberately keeping it anonymous. I’m doing this for a number or reasons.

Even if you do actually know me, you did not come here because I directed you here. This is because if I father a project and post it on my own profile, invariably I’ll get comments from my own friends and then not much else. The point of this blog is to build momentum, not lose it.

I actually have a large circle of friends, and it is entertaining to me to wonder which of them will find me first. It’s far from a sure thing, but the likeliest bet is my own sister. One of my ex-girlfriends would be second, and probably one of my other blogging friends third. Still, if they find me, they might not know it. For all you know, I could be one of your friends.

Some of my opinions and rants will probably be seen as controversial and/or offensive, particularly to religious fanatics. I don’t have a lot of respect for religion – okay, frankly none at all – so if I’m to make a written statement in public where I haphazardly put religion in its proverbial place, (the bottom of a sewer, beneath volumes and volumes of maggot-infested puke), I don’t want any crazy people knowing who I am or where I live. One of the strange things about people who live “by the book” would rather use it to justify killing those who disagree with them than turn the other cheek. Seriously, who ever heard of someone being killed in the name of atheism?

You might think I’m a little cowardly for writing anonymously, but frankly, and ironically, the only ones of you who will criticize me of this is probably guilty of the same crime. Don’t buy it? Tell me where you live. I didn’t think so.

One thing that I do promise is that I won’t be abusive. That’s something I see far too much of on the internet. People think it’s okay to be abusive because they won’t get caught. To them it’s “a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark.” (It’s tough to get through a day without making a Simpson’s reference. Ever tried it? I haven’t.) But it’s still mean, and words really can hurt people, so I promise not to do it, even if provoked. Frankly if somebody decides to post something rude here, they are the only person they’re really embarrassing.

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