Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Ripple Effect

At the very core of Karma, as defined by the Indian religions, is the concept of cause and effect. Yesterday, Al very smartly noted that sometimes negative actions can turn out to have positive consequences, which goes against the traditional idea of Karma, and creates more an impression of “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” Regardless of how things may have played out over time, I’m left with the knowledge of having made a negative action in the past, and not knowing how it may have impacted and changed the other people involved. I may very well discover that in some cases, they turned out for the better, and that in other cases, they were forgotten, though I bet most of them remember.

So I got started on the list, and already I’ve come up with 45 items, so next month I shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with things to write about. I may explain more than one of them per day, but I’ll be sure to write about at least one per day. Then in June when I have a nice long list made up, I can start the process of making up for them and crossing them off.


Zarathustra spoke, in the middle of the woods. said...

Excellent! I can't wait to have some good blackmail material.

It would be cool if you did this in non-anonymous way, nonanymous if you will, so that you could get feedback on how your actions affected the victims/persons.

Inkpot said...

Good stuff Mal, really looking forward to reading about how you get on.