Monday, May 12, 2008

#12: Kicked Friend in Crotch

At least I think he was my friend. My memories of this one are extremely vague. The way I remember it, we were both in grade three, and we were playfighting, or maybe we were playing tag. I don’t think I meant to hurt him, but clearly I left an impression because a teacher made me write a letter to apologize to him, which had to be proofread by my parents.

My folks scolded me and explained that you should never kick a boy there because then he won’t be able to have children. I’ve since been hit in the crotch numerous times, and it’s never been a big deal for me, and my junk still works fine, but still, here it is on the list.

Unfortunately, all I can remember right now is his first name, and our grade, so when it comes time to track him down I may have to dig up some old year books, if I still have them.

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